The Path is our friendly, people-oriented approach to process analysis, improvement, and change management. It relies on collaborative, iterative input from stakeholders throughout the entire journey. This plain-language approach results in solutions that are easily adopted, because they were designed with people in mind. 

Path Analysis

No improvement can be made without honest self-assessment. Our team understands your mission. We will start your path by working with you to examine your strengths and opportunities and deciding your destination.

Path Design

You know your destination, you need to decide how to get there. Your course can take you in many directions to reach your destination. We will show you options and help you decide on how to get there. 

Path Travelling

You may walk your path, you may run your path. Either way, there will be challenges along the way. Our experienced change management professionals can help you to your destination through training, communications, and marketing. 

Other Services:

  • Policy Analysis - We have years of experience working in the Government space and understand the unique constraints placed on agencies and their staff. We can help you understand the policy sphere in which your group operates and help formulate policies and procedures to work within your context. 

  • NEPA Support - Our staff has years of experience supporting NEPA analysis and decision across the US. Big or small, we will help your project be efficient and succeed. 

  • Public Involvement - Environmental work requires public input. Our experience working with Government to manage and process public input will help you design and execute effective public engagement. Our staff can also help organizations design strategies to provide more effective, impactful public input.